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How to care for Your macramé jewelry?

Artefactos Macrame jewlery

Macramé knotted jewelry does not need day to day careful care but still it appreciates to be treated well as any other jewelry.

We use previously waxed cord/ thin string to knot the filigree part of the necklace, bracelet, tiara, ring or earrings and to most of them we have added a suitable semi-precious cabochon or/and stone beads.

Wax on the cord adds a protective layer to the polyester and Your jewelry is resistant to water and to general dust. Though we do not recommend hot showers or hot tubs with Your item as it might decrease the layer of wax.

Once in a while You can clean Your macramé jewelry gently with a brush.

If You have any questions or doubts about the taking care of Your item, please let us know!

Enjoy being unique!!!