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Boho style macramé necklace with beautiful Sonora Turquoise and Jasper


Adjustable macramé necklace with semi-precious stones Sonora turquoise (Cuprite) and Jasper.

The beauty of owning a macramé necklace is unique  – You can be sure that no one else has the same piece of jewelry. The handpicked semi-precious stones are rare and one of a kind. The stone is complimenting the macramé around it and vice versa.

Sonora Turquoise is one of our favorite stones found mostly in Mexico and named after the region. Jasper is perhaps considered a rather simple and not so exotic but has so many different varieties and picturesque looks that we enjoy using them in our design.

The macramé or the thread used for macramé jewelry is very thin, it is also called micro-macramé. Some designs have been created in our heads before starting the actual knotting process but also there are many “born during process” pieces.

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Boho style macramé necklace with semi-precious stones SONORA TURQUOISE and JASPER.

The necklace´s length can be easily adjusted with a sliding knot and can be up to 98cm long plus pendant 10x4cm. Adjustable length is perfect to be able to wear the necklace with different outfits and on different occasions.

Sonora Turquoise is a unique stone found only in Mexico in the county of Sonora – also called CUPRITE.

This unique macramé necklace will be packed into a neat gift box, so You can also directly send it to someone who You know would appreciate a gift like this.

If You wonder about taking care of macramé jewelry, you can read about it here.


Weight 100 g