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Bracelet with Sonora Sunrise


Bracelet knotted in filigree macramé technique around rare semi-precious stone Sonora Sunrise.

The bracelet is knotted with previously waxed thin string and the size can be adjusted with a sliding knot.

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Bracelet knotted in macramé technique with beautiful Sonora Sunrise.

Sonora Sunrise is an eye-catching red and green gemstone. It occurs naturally as a rock composed mainly blueish-green chrysocolla and bright red cuprite. The red symbolizes red sky and as it is found only in Sonora, Mexico so the name ise combined – Sonora Sunrise.

Also the gemstone might include small amounts of black iron or iron oxide minerals. As the gem is not very widely known it is hard to comment about how it can be used to improve health or spirituality. But it sure is very beautiful and sometimes its quite enough!



Weight 100 g