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Knotted necklace with Amber and Sunstone


Knotted necklace combined with two natural stones Amber and Sunstone.

We use special Brazilian made previously waxed string for the macramé and handpicked stones to achieve the best of what we have imagined.

The necklaces length can be adjusted with a sliding knot.


Knotted macramé necklace with two semi-precious stones Amber from Chiapas, Mexico and Sunstone.

Amber in Mexico is not as old as some the Amber found from around the world, but it´s still very beautiful and filled with history.

Sunstone is known to be useful when You need to break free from the routine or life has become somehow boring. As the name says the stone reflects energy from Sun bringing light, energy and positivity. Read more about Sunstone!

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Weight 150 g